What We Do

Our proprietary process creates experiences that make your audience feel connected to your brand. Long after the experience is over.

Emotion Matters

As people, we aren’t as logical as we think (annoying, right?). Turns out, 95% of purchase decision-making is driven by emotion. After purchase? Research shows that emotionally connected customers are more than twice as valuable as highly satisfied customers. Fascinating, right? We think so too and have built our entire process and agency around the power of emotion. Because it matters, the most.

The Science of Emotion

The thing is, it’s not enough to have just any emotional connection with your audience. It has to be the right emotion. Finding and creating it?

That's Our Superpower

Our 20+ years of award winning, omnichannel expertise incorporates all facets of emotion-driven experience making:

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Informed Emotional

  • ​Research & Insights​
  • Social Listening & Social Media Strategy​
  • ​Influencer Strategy & Implementation
  • ​​Trends​ Analysis & Forecasting
  • ​​Data Collection & Impact Analysis
  • ​​Concept Development​
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Design &

  • ​Identity & Brand Design​
  • Digital Design​ / UX / UI​
  • Environmental​ Design​
  • ​3D Design​
  • Multi-format Content Creation​
  • ​Virtual Worlds & Events​
  • ​AR/VR Immersive Technology​
  • Omnichannel Sales Integration​
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  • Brand Partnership Evaluation, Strategy,​ Negotiation & Management​
  • Talent Strategy & Management
  • Cause Marketing
  • ​​
  • Integrated Marketing & Promotions​
  • Gaming Consulting and Activation
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  • Product Showcasing​
  • ​Field Talent Management & Communication
  • Mobile Tours
  • Live Sampling​
  • Trade Shows & Conferences​
  • Production, Fabrication & Installation​

Kleenex Cabana

Lidl US Launch

Cailler Pop-up

Straight Talk VR Experience

We’ve unleashed the power of emotion for some of the world’s greatest brands. We’d love to do the same with you.

We eat, drink, sleep (and write about) emotion.