Capri Sun Respect the Pouch Tour

After Capri Sun made healthy changes to the contents of its iconic pouch, it looked to Pierce to share the good news (and delicious taste) with moms and kids. Here’s a look into how we sampled over a half-million samples and achieved an 18% lift in purchase intent:


Capri Sun was launching a reformulated version of its kids drink featuring 25% less sugar. The brand wanted grab kids’ and moms’ attention, and engage them with interactive, high energy, educational, extended participation activities.


Pierce created a world-class action sports spectacle and message-relevant participatory activities to impress kids and parents alike. Skateboard Squad street teams amplified community impact in each market, surprising kids with skating tricks, cold samples, and VIP treatment to support the larger mobile asset.


The tour exceeded goals to distribute half a million pouches by over 10% from the previous year. 800,000+ one-one-one interactions resulted in an 18% lift in purchase intent, and hugely increased awareness of 100% juice varieties. Overall, the tour generated over 7 million impressions.